Our JV Partners

We Proudly Present These Talented and Dedicated People

Our JV Partners are a very important part of our company values.  They help us to build a strong community and provide invaluable training and resources to our members.  All of them, remarkably skilled in this Real Estate Investment Industry, are there to help you succeed.


Meet our Fantastic JV Partners

Ms. Jasmine Willois

Founder & CEO Note Assistance Program
Jasmine has over 15 years of leadership, banking, sales, mortgage and real estate investing experience. She founded the company that pioneered The Note Assistance Program in late 2014. Just prior to that, she founded two real estate investment clubs in Southern California, worked with Homecomings Financial, and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. Jasmine has been involved with investors of all backgrounds and financial means.

After watching her peers struggle to find their footing in the distressed debt world, she began the note assistance program. She leads with a passion for empowering the individual investor by “doing”.

Raul Luna

Founder of Properties180

“From Flipping Pizzas to Flipping Houses”
Raul was born into the food industry where he started working at a very young age at his family restaurant. He decided to follow the family’s path by opening his very 1st restaurant at age 18 and soon realized that food was not his passion and the agent that sold his restaurant helped Raul to get into real estate industry! It was at the age of 19 when he purchased his 1st property subject to and started helping home owners who had their properties on the market for a long time in the market by buying them at a discount with seller financing.

-Founded 4 Restaurants & sold them successfully
-Founder of Ricolife a Direct Selling company that was sold to a publicly traded company and created residual for life!
-Founder of Properties180, LLC

Gary Digrazia

Probate Real Estate Expert

I have been selling real estate in Alameda County of California since 1974, Co-owned a real estate office and have been with ReMax since 2003. Since 1987, my niche has been Probate Real Estate. I have experience with REO’s and Trustee Sales also, when the market dictates, but my main focus for over 30 years has been probate real estate. I authored a best selling probate investing book “Diamond Farming-Probate Real Estate” and have many students (investors and agents) across the USA. My New Book ” $ix Figure Probate$” is about ready to publish and the Live Seminar schedule will soon be released. Be sure to Join the “Probate Inner Circle” to get FREE Probate Tips Sent To Your Inbox!

I’m at a point in my career now where although I enjoy the art of a probate deal, I enjoy teaching others how to have success in this niche. Let my 30 plus years show you how to deal with new executors, trustee, REO asset managers and buyers of probate real estate. I have been interviewed by most of the major newspapers, radio shows and featured in best selling real estate books like “Free And Clear” by John Reed.

Besides my professional real estate career I enjoy building additional businesses. Traveling and spending time with my family. I like taking off on my Harley with my wife for a ride and playing music with some of my good friends.

John Wiley

Think Realty Brand Ambassador
John Wiley is the Brand Ambassador for Think Realty and Managing Partner at Buy and Hold Real Estate Investing, LLC with more than 50 rental properties in Kansas City.  John also runs a SFR flipping business in Kansas City.  John is the Founder of River of Refuge, a Kansas City nonprofit that sponsors working families out of homeless into permanent, stable housing.  www.RiverOfRefuge.com


John has a deep love for real estate entrepreneurialism with over 30 years of experience starting new ventures from embryonic vision to functional reality. As Think Realty’s Brand Ambassador, he’s eager to educate others on making smarter investment choices and how real estate can lead to a life of purpose.

Lori Greymont

Real Estate Investor-Developer |||| CEO & President, SJREI |||| Fund Manager

CEO and President of SJREI, the Bay Area’s leading, nationally recognized real estate investors association — Lori Greymont is a serial entrepreneur and developer based in the heart of Silicon Valley. 
She has served as the president and CEO of several real estate development and similarly related companies. 

In 2014, she purchased the largest San Francisco Bay Area real estate investment association (SJREI) and was able to double membership in less than 9 months. In addition, she doubled the revenues of this company by implementing programs to create monthly recurring revenue. 

Lori’s real estate experience includes remotely rehabbing and flipping over 1600 sfr’s nationwide to hedge funds from 2011-2014, ground-up development of multifamily communities, zoning changes of infill lots to PUD’s and commercial, syndications and funds.