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Introducing REI Homes and ADU’s

If you’re an ambitious homeowner looking to expand your square footage, then connect with REI ADU’s in California, for your luxury home addition plans. With a focus on accessory dwelling units and smart homes, we are able to keep modern home living driving forward with the times. Luxuriate in a beautifully custom designed ADU just footsteps away from your single-family property, designed and built by the region’s best. Backed by more than 37 years of experience, we are licensed and insured and look forward to working with you in customizing your luxury secondary housing unit.

Home building requires time, stress, finances and fortunately, you’ll be working with qualified and seasoned luxury home builders who can efficiently build your ADU project in rapid timing. Our ADU’s are price competitive and stunning in design offering open-air concepts with large sliding doors leading to a spacious veranda for year-round entertaining and enjoyment. Witness as we create your dream complete with energy-efficient structural insulated panels ensuring a net-zero energy effect lowering utility costs. With our hands-on experience integrating CAT6 Wi-Fi, your luxury home will be paired with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) voice-controlled environment of your choosing, whether it be Google or Alexa, or both. As visionaries, we strive to appease your home building desires. Our ADU’s are ahead of their time with environmental ambient lighting that dances to music and has over 16 million color combinations, all controlled from your phone or pad. The sky’s the limit with us, so should you have a specific design in mind, or would like to modify one of our award-winning designs, we’re available to determine the next steps to make your dream come true. Call us for a no obligation Q&A session to get your questions answered. We’re easy to talk with!

For an award-winning ADU home builder and luxury home renovation leader in California, connect with REI ADU’s. We sweep homeowners off their feet with the impressive luxury ADU homes we build. Aiming to be the greatest of all time, we assist realtors, homeowners, and investors with their desire to add value to a property.

Our Services

REI ADU’s in California is your trusted resource for getting a luxury ADU built with impeccable timing. Home additions, smart homes and ADUs are our specialties; however, we shine in other forms of home remodeling and additions. Let’s expound on your smart home plans during a free consultation and we’ll share our design books, imbued with unique inspirational concepts. Call 925-732-5512 to schedule your meeting with our friendly, fantastic crew.

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Potential Income

Adding Value to Your Home: Very few people are aware of the added value an ADU can bring to their property. As an example: the appraisal can be as high as 1 to 3 times the cost of the ADU and that value is added to the value of the existing home. Another reason is the high rental income in California. In fact, the number one reason people are building ADU’s is to live in the ADU and rent out their main home.

Lot Splits Can Bring Value and Income to Your Property:
Besides rental income and increased property value Senate Bill 9 allows for lot splits where you can now have up to 4 units after the Lot split. We are expert developers and can advise you correctly if this is proper for you and your financial goals. Give us a call and we will be glad to assist you.

Meet our fantastic leaders:

Gary Massari

CEO of REI (Real Estate Investments) Homes and ADU’s

Gary started his real estate career working with Falender Properties, a local real estate developer who subdivided land and sold finished lots to custom home builders. Gary would find the land, work with Falender properties to subdivide it into finished lots and sell the lots to builders. He would then help them design and build their homes based on current trends, then sell them to homebuyers, the builders were thrilled as they were getting top dollar for their homes. Soon Gary with his design skills, started building custom homes for his clients and joint venturing with contractors. This experience gave Gary the knowledge to work with clients and understand their dreams.

Today Gary turned his real estate experience into building award winning luxury homes in the San Francisco Bay Area setting the market price with his signature features, such as, Open Airy Floor Plans, Island Gourmet Kitchens, Veranda’s with 20-foot sliding doors opening to outside kitchens fireplaces, and heaters and fans for year around enjoyment.

Gary saw a huge need in the market for affordable housing and with the new senate bills allowing for additional dwellings, he added a stunning beautiful line of Farmhouse and Craftsmen design ADU’s. He wanted to bring his luxury home designs with his signature features to the ADU market offering luxury ADU’s at affordable prices. Gary knew that energy efficient homes coupled with WIFI smart homes would make his ADU’s cost effective when it came to utility bills. But he didn’t stop there, as he sees the advent of ambient lighting to change the environment by changing the color theme of the home – by simply saying “Fall” or program an app, certain rooms would display orange and yellow lighting, etc.

His motto is, “Tell us your dream and we will make it your dream home.”

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Leweva Massari

Co-owner, & Acquisitions and Design Officer

Leweva started her career as a loan processor and then starting building mortgage companies with her husband, Gary. Both Gary and Leweva, were managing partners in Diablo Funding Group, with over 58 branches and 1200 loan officers. Leweva was one of the company’s top trainers. She was running the companies while Gary was busy marketing them.

Gary and Leweva also worked with builders and developers to subdivide land and build Luxury spec homes. Leweva encouraged Gary to return to real estate to do Fix and Flips, however, because building companies were in their blood, Leweva motivated Gary to build another company, this time building luxury homes, thus REI Fortunes, LLC was born. Leweva had a tack for design and would work with top designers to develop a design plan for their luxury homes, soon they built a reputation on building luxury stunning homes that would sell for top dollar quickly with multiple offers.

Leweva priced out the homes they would buy and gave estimates to their ARV (after repair value), and became so good at it, that all their homes became successful. She is now in charge of acquisitions and only with her approval does the company buy homes.

Leweva helps Gary and their partners with current trends and designs and is fully engaged in home design and interior design, especially for our new ADU line.

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Jay Cuccia

REI COO & Corp. Contractor

Jay Cuccia has substantial experience in real estate development. He has managed all aspects of land development including entitlements, site and vertical construction, finance, marketing, and administration. Jay has founded and led companies securing construction projects in excess of $100 million. He also has completed over 4500 remodel jobs in California as contractor for a major retailer, rebuilt 39 fire damage homes for insurance companies, remodeled more than 500 homes, contracted commercial tenant improvements, personally spec built 25 single family homes and performed as the design builder of 5 single family homes for specialty clients with the largest being 13,000 square feet. Jay Cuccia has raised investor capital from private individuals and institutions for his own projects in excess of $20 million. He completed a pre-professional curriculum with honors as a Chemistry major at California State University, Sacramento, CA.

Jay also launched and successfully managed a marketing and distribution business achieving annual sales in excess of $10 million.  He has 17 years of experience serving at the leadership level in organizational development, event planning, regulatory compliance, profitability, communication, recruitment and compensation.  During this time Jay maintained a national speaking schedule focused on business development and motivation, contributing with the most recognized and respected names in America.

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Jan Cuccia

REI Corporate Secretary

Jan Cuccia has experience as a Broker in Real Estate and success in new project development. Her visionary talent for design trends in the residential sector is well established, with successful experience as an interior design consultant for many custom homes with the largest being 13,000 SF.

She is an expert in color theory and has taught numerous classes on color coordination for optimal appeal. Her competence with attractive color coordination has been a key for presentation and catalyst to residential Real Estate sales. Jan has earned a BA degree from California State University, East Bay majoring in Choreography, Drama and Art.

Jan also helped create and successfully manage a marketing and distribution business achieving annual sales in excess of $10 million. For 17 years Jan maintained a national speaking schedule focused on business development and motivation, contributing with the most recognized and respected names in America.

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