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Training isn’t always enough.  Having someone there to coach you step-by-step as you go is the best way to avoid critical errors and speed up the learning curve so you can make money faster and with the knowledge that you’re doing everything the right way.

Three Great Coaching Programs

Delivered by the Nation’s Top Real Estate Investment Coach!

Steve Hall, Chief Coaching Officer of REI Fortunes Is Your Coach

Here’s Why You Want Steve’s Coaching
Steve is recognized as one of the top real estate coaches in our nation.

Steve’s literally walks his students, start to finish, on Fix and Flips while they are learning and even gives you his resources.

He is known for 30-60 day fast rehabs on high dollar properties.

No one can find them, fix them, stage them and sell them like Steve.

Take A Look at Just a Few Of Steve’s Credentials —->
  • Over 150 personal flips
  • Over 4,000 transactions
  • Over 3500 investor students
  • HGTV shot one of my houses for
  • House Hunters (to air this fall)
  • Shot HGTV pilot and was runner up in a show
  • More than $80 million in personal transactions
  • Nationally recognized distressed property expert
  • Bachelors degree in Business Administration
  • Masters degree in Communications (Magna Cum Laude)

What People Are Saying

I have learned so much from Steve.  I don’t even know where to begin telling you what it was like before and after the coaching I got from Steve.  So, instead of boring you with details, I’ll sum it up with this.  I make a lot of money these days, I make very few mistakes and I never doubt myself.  Thanks Steve!

Sherry Sylvester, RE Investor

Elevate Your Investing

Become Expert!

Coaching Benefits

When you have a coach who is the top in their field, the learning process is very smooth for you.  You learn it right the first time and you know that your coach is the man in the know.

Profits from Investments Sooner

Two key factors you’ll experience from a top-of-the-line coach is that you’ll start to profit on your investments faster, and in many cases your profits will be much higher than before.

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