I have personally interviewed thousands of people while building my business which has lead to the discovery that there are far too many people who enter into real estate investing completely clueless as to the key basics such as:

  • how to start,
  • where to invest,
  • how to invest,
  • where to find the deals,
  • and where to find the money!

As a result they jump from wholesaling, fix and flips, commercial, and notes without really achieving the very reason they came into the real estate game – CASH FLOW and WEALTH! There are far too many failures, and I can fix that.

Hi my name is Gary Massari, the founder of Make Money Now Real Estate Investors and the CEO of REI Fortunes, LLC. I’m pleased that you’ve found our site and it’s my express hope for you that you’ll find what you’ve been missing here with us at REI Fortunes. We offer hands-on mentorship, affordable education, local community and support. We also provide strong implementation strategies for our members.

My story starts with a very heartfelt experience, as my wife and I were shopping at Home Depot several years ago, I heard a woman’s voice call out, “Gary, Gary, Gary” I look around for the lady calling out my name but could not find her. Then out of the corner of my eye looking down, I saw a well-dressed older lady bent over with her head looking up to me saying, “Hi Gary, it’s me Barbara!”

When I recognized her, I said, “Hi Barbara, how have you been?” Seeing her attire prompted me to ask, “Where are you going dressed so pretty?” and she told me she was going to an open house.

I was speechless, and didn’t know how to respond, you see Barbara was eighty-six years old!

Barbara and I had worked together in the same real estate office and have been friends for more than two decades. Of course she should have retired long ago. I kept thinking as she went on her way, why would a top-of-the-line successful realtor be working at 86 years of age with a chronic illness?

I knew then the problem with Realtors and Investors is that very few of them have ever slowed down enough to put together a plan for their life! Especially retirement!

From that defining moment in my life, I decided to make it my life’s work to help people build a MASTER PLAN helping them to achieve their financial goals and dreams. Seeing Barbara still working at 86 made a very huge impression on me. Something had gone terribly wrong for her. This had to stop.

Today, more than ever, people need a plan for their life, their business and to become free financially.

The Evolution of The Ultimate Master Wealth Plan for Real Estate Investors

I started this work back in 2003 with a radio show called “The Bridge to Financial Freedom” co-hosted with a very popular and successful young lady named Kathy Fettke, CEO and Founder of Real Wealth Network.

Kathy would invite notables like Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad; Loral Langemeier, The CEO & Founder of Live Out Loud, Inc.; Adiel Gorel, CEO of International Capital Group, and many more.


As these notables would offer financial advice over our radio show we would take notes as students and learned amazing strategies for different markets. In a way, our show had become our own personal real estate college.

People would call in and Kathy and I would advise them. Kathy, being a life coach would touch their hearts with profound wisdom, and me, on the other hand, I talked about money and financial literacy!

The show became very popular and it wasn’t long before our listenership had grown to over 25,000 weekly listeners. During the show we would invite frequent callers and listeners to call in for a strategy session with me at my office. As you can likely imagine, my office got loaded with people.

Kathy watched as they piled in, and she became very curious as to what I was doing…

You will have to hear the rest of her story in her national best seller entitled Retire Rich with Rentals (available on Amazon).

When I met with the people who would come to my office I would build them an investment plan that utilized various strategies.

Here’s one example: buying rentals using their existing equity and their personal residence by transferring a portion of their equity into rental units up to 4 units. I’d break it all down, step by step, and help them execute each step.

As time passed and by working various strategies, I would build people plans that allowed them to retire in 10 years with $8 to $12 million in assets with $20,000 plus cash flows.

Today with accelerated banking I can chop that time in half and help people retire in 5 years or less debt free and mortgage free.

Today REI Fortunes offers a completely comprehensive Master Wealth Plan that includes the following:

  • A Personal Budget
  • Debt Retirement Including Mortgage Debt
  • 5-Year Income Plan
  • A Real Estate Purchasing Schedule for properties and notes
  • A Net Worth Balance Sheet to measure their wealth as they grow it.

I call the Master Wealth Plan three plans in one:

They Get

  • A Plan For Their Life
  • A Plan For Their Business
  • A Plan To Create Wealth And Cash Flow All Wrapped Into ONE.

The biggest benefit I see when we build our members’ master plan is that we offer them a coaching plan to help them implement it, which assures them and us a very high success rate.

You see our plan is about implementation with hands on mentorship where as other plans are about accountability, which doesn’t work today!

People want you to do it for them, and more importantly with them. We even car pool up and take our members door knocking when teaching them pre-foreclosures to help them do their first deal and create income fast!

This is why our success rate is so high. It’s the old “roll up the shirt sleeves and dig in” approach. We call it Read it, Drill it and Do it!

Our workshops have small break out groups where they get to know their coaches personally and create a relationship.

Each coach will role-play with them using our different Play Books for pre-foreclosures, non-performing notes, probates, neighborhood farming, etc.

Our members get first hand coaching, training and mentorship.

We even bring in top coaches like Jasmine Willios, CEO of the Note Assistance Program to teach on non-performing notes, which lead to REO’s, and Kathy Fettke CEO of Real Wealth Network. Our coaches are not just any coaches; they are top investors who are practitioners.

When a member signs up for our program they not only get a playbook for their chosen field, but they get a real coach and mentor to help them create their life by design, take control over their life and become the architect of their life.

I call it a plan they can believe in!

It’s their plan not ours, and that’s what makes the difference.

Keep an eye out for our next workshop!  We’d love to have you there!

Gary Massari & the REI team