how to become

A private money lender & avoid the pitfalls

Smart Investors are investing in real estate, even smarter investors are learning how to invest in real estate the right way. 

In this exciting new book by Gary Massari you’ll learn how to become a private money lender and avoid the pitfalls. 

With Gary you will be put in the position of being the bank, with all the same documentation as a bank. How secure is that?

In this eBook …

  • Why your money is safer investing in real estate than many other investment strategies.
  • Why and how your profit is realized at the beginning of the process, not the end (it’s called forced appreciation, see how it works!)
  • How your investment is secured. 
  • How rapidly your investment profit can be achieved.
  • How to avoid investment scams!
  • And other great insider information!

And find out the world’s best-kept investing secret!

Why keep investing your IRA in the stock market when you could be making so much more in real estate, and eliminate extraneous fees associated with typical portfolio management.

Just think, you could convert your IRA (currently earning around 5 to 10 percent in most cases) and have it make faster, higher and safer returns which are secured by tangible assets!

Meet Gary Massari

Gary Massari

Gary Massari

CEO & Founder of REI Fortunes & REI Homes Signature Properties

Gary’s mission is a simple one: Give his investors the opportunities they need to succeed!

Gary’s objective is to bring his Private Money Investors higher than market returns on a continuous basis.  Gary does over $12 million in real estate sales and is now expanding his business into Southern California in order to provide his private money lenders more growth opportunities.

Gary is scaling his company in order to double his sales volume in the next two years.

He is a top real estate investor, real estate broker and trainer who ran a successful peak-performance school and trained over 3000 realtors, investors and loan officers to become top income earners.