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About Gary:  Gary and his partners build luxury homes in the San Francisco Bay Area, and sell them for $1,800,000 to $4,500,000, making substantial profits for the benefit of their investment partners! What makes Gary’s homes sell for top dollar in any market and produce such high returns will be covered in this article and at Realty 411’s expos events.





About Creating passive income: When your money starts working for you, then you can stop working for money! Creating wealth is great, and allows you to contribute your earned income to acquire income-generating assets. Passive income, when structured properly, is the faster way to financial freedom than focusing on just building wealth. 





On my radio show, called The Bridge, I had the opportunity of interviewing Robert Kiyosaki, who taught me an amazing lesson about building wealth. He said, “financial independence is making enough passive income to cover your monthly obligations.” Meaning that if you make $10,000 passively per month and your obligations are $10,000 a month, you are financially free. That simple statement changed my life and simplified my goals by making them believable and attainable.





I thought to myself: if I could make $100,000 on each home I flipped, and put $50,000 down on rental property, I could create a $500 net monthly cash flow. I would only need 20 rentals to meet my goal of $10,000 a month.  Then, as I started making $150,000 to $500,000 on my flips, I could buy nicer homes in nicer neighborhoods and net $1000 a month of cash flow. 





My thinking changed when I started making over $500,000 on my flips. I wanted to invest more money to create more passive income so I could improve my lifestyle and travel more – but the most important reason is that I want to leave my wife in a financial position where she can live any life she wants without worrying about money.  I wanted to increase our business, so I set a goal to double it in the next 3 years, which meant building 7 to 10 luxury homes and thus increasing our revenues to $25,000,000 and our profits to over $3,500,000 annually.



We are able to grow our business so quickly, thanks for our financial partners. We offer our investment partners 10% interest on their capital investment and up to 10% of the profit. This return is so attractive, that I started investing in our own homes so we could get the same returns as our private money investors!

My favorite quote is: “success is just one step outside your comfort zone,” and for many of us, that step is pretty big!  It is scary to step out, for fear of losing what little we gained.  I always lived with the fear of being homeless, but I want to share this one little story that set me free of negative thinking.


At the time, I was a managing partner in a mortgage company with 58 branches and 1200 loan officers, working with my first real estate mentor, Glenn. He came into my office and said, “Gary, what is your dream?” To which I said, “to retire with a $50,000 a month cash flow.” He responded, “Why are you capping yourself? You are capable of retiring with a $2,000,000 to $3,000,000 a year cash flow.” 
So often, we lack belief in ourselves and think that it will never happen for us. Yet I stand before you as a witness – and wealth was never my goal, not even an afterthought!  Did I ever believe I would build $4,500,000 luxury homes, making close to $1,000,000 profit on one home? Of course not!  But now my thinking has changed, and I am building 7 to 10 of those homes a year – and now I am thinking about building 50 to 75 homes in a retirement community. 





The mind is a crazy thing – it can keep us broke, or create a path of success to achieve our greatest goals. It all starts with a dream!  And the funny part is it takes just as much energy to dream big as it does small…





Here is a picture and a link to the newest home we are building:  It is being offered at $4,500,000 off-market right now, and  the best part is that we are 2 months from completion and already have buyers looking and offers coming in!





Near completion – artist rendering

Our realtor brings us off-market homes to renovate and will be speaking with me at my next expo. If you are interested in becoming a partner with us as we scale up our company, just set an appointment here: 





In our meeting, I will breakdown how I find homes, grow partners, create a team, and build luxury homes. You can learn more about me and my company here: 





As promised, here is a short summary of how we do it. But let’s give you some motivation and a reason to do it: by becoming partners with us, you will build your capital in a very short period, making higher-than-market returns.  Once you build enough capital, we encourage you to invest in rentals — residential or commercial —and we have the resources to help you do just that!  One of my favorite real estate gurus helps people find rental properties in growth areas, perhaps you have heard of her – Kathy Fettke, Co-CEO of Real Wealth Network. You can buy her book Retire Rich with Rentals on Amazon –  it’s a great read!





Here is the short summary of how we get such high returns:





Step #1: You must work with top producing realtors who work with high end builders or flippers, like our company.  They find the off-market deals and bring them to us in exchange for the listing rights.  Most of our homes, when completed, sell off-market.  Please do not share this strategy with others, as you will create competition in your area. Our realtors make commissions of $2,000,000 to $3,000,000 a year and sell most of their homes off-market. 





Step #2: Have a vision for the end product. When Greenwood was brought to us, the builder (owner) got in trouble for being over-extended and sold it to us to pay off his loan and make a little money on the side.  Unfortunately for him, he did not have the vision of a $4,500,000 home, and we did! We saw that this home could be extended to 3100 SF from 2500 SF, taking the value of this home from $3.7K to $4.0K.  The additional $500,000 in value is my trade secret and will only be shared in a personal meeting. You can book one here:  or give me a call at 925-451-1619. Because of the many calls I get, I have a call filter so make sure to leave a message, and I will return your call.





Step #3: Find an architect who is current in designs and trends. In the current market, the Modern Farmhouse is a hot commodity.  We have signature designs for both the exterior and interior, which we will share in a personal meeting. 





Step #4: Split your contractor crews to have construction going on for the exterior and interior at the same time – this alone saves time and money! 





Step #5 Complete the exterior first, including landscaping. This leaves you two months to completion, and is your off-market time.





By sharing these steps, we want to give our new partners the confidence that we have a well oiled machine, with a contractor who is an owner in our company and on the job every day!  Our crew is amazing, fast, and skilled at building homes in half the time other builders do.





If you are interested in partnering with us as a financial partner, we are open to meeting with you. Book an appointment here: 





Happy Investing!










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