Two Days Marketing Intensive for wholesaling and Rehabbing workshop

Coming February 23th – 24th 2019

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  • Four thirty-minute group coaching sessions with Gary
  • One 4-hour implementation session with Gary in his home

Travel Information


If you will be flying in, your closest destination airport is 24 miles: Oakland, CA (OAK / KOAK) Oakland International Airport.

Will You Be Needing a Hotel?


Hotels Near the Event Location


Four Points Sheraton 5115 Hopyard Rd., Pleasanton, CA 94588


Larkspur Landing, Pleasanton , CA, 95814, US


Courtyard by Marriott 5059 Hopyard Rd, Pleasanton, CA 94588

Mark Your Calendars!

Day: February 23th -24th, 2019

Time: Registration  & door opens 8:30 to 9:00 am

Workshop: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM all day class

Location: Four Points Sheraton 5115 Hopyard Rd, Pleasanton, CA 94588

If you need help with anything, please contact us right away.  We are always happy to help.  Simply Email us at [email protected].

What we will cover:

Day One:

Market Strategies in 2019 For Deals, Buyers, and Private Money Lenders

Day Two:

Flipping Houses For Profits – Eight Critical Steps You Must Know and Engage

  • 7 lead generating marketing funnels

  • How to write 25 offers a month

  • HOW To make solid rehab estimates in 10 minutes

  • How to use a simple Deal Analyzer 

  • HOW TO Find Private investors who will fund 100% of your deals 

  • Exit strategies in this market

  • HOW To build confidence and grow belief 

  • Job Setup

  • Creating a detailed Scope of Work (SOW)

  • Hiring the Contractor or Subs

  • Project Kick-Off and Critical Documents

  • Managing the Project

  • Punch List and Sale Preparation

  • Maximizing your Profit

  • Review, Revise and Repeat


It’s the Ultimate “Earn While You Learn Experience!

PLUS . . .

All Workshop Attendees Get Free On-Site Coaching For Their Projects!


PLUS . . .

Special Guest Lori Greymont, Millionaire Real Estate Entrepreneur

“Your mind can make you or break you!”

Two Day Marketing Intensive For Wholesaling and Rehabbing Workshop

Know Your Trainers:

Meet the REI Fortunes Leaders

Gary Massari

Gary Massari

Gary Massari, Leading REI Coach & Trainer, Best Selling Author, Founder & CEO of REI Fortunes, a Premiere Real Estate Investment Training Company.

 Gary started his real estate career working with Falender Properties, a local real estate developer who subdivided land and sold finished lots to custom home builders. Gary would find the land, work with Falender properties to subdivide it into finished lots and sell the lots to builders. He would then help them design and build their homes, then sell them to homebuyers. Soon Gary started building custom homes for his clients by joint venturing with contractors. This experience allowed Gary to work with clients to buy other speculative properties and soon, he was helping his clients buy commercial properties and create wealth with rentals, apartment buildings and shopping strips.

Today Gary turned his real estate experience into helping people get started in real estate investing, by wholesaling and rehabbing for profits, short term income strategies and helping them invest their profits for long term strategies, to purchase income producing assets to create wealth. Many of Gary’s clients and students today have become millionaire investors as a result of his mentorship, guidance and teachings.

Gary is building a team of elite real estate investors and teaching them the fundamentals of investing and wealth creating strategies. He is currently studying under Fortune Builders, the nations leading teacher of real estate investing. This brings his team strong marketing systems and lead generating funnels, to provide a constant flow of leads. He is also teaching how to build private money sources to fund their deals. Whatever your real estate needs or goals, Gary has it all waiting for you! Be sure to attend his REI Meet up groups and wholesale and rehab workshops. Dates and times are under the event tab in REI Fortunes Website. You can also fill out his https://questionnaireform.com and meet with him to see if his team is right for you.

Leweva Massari

Leweva Massari

Co Owner & Founder

Leweva started her career as a loan processor and then starting building mortgage companies with her husband, Gary. Both Gary and Leweva, were managing partners in Diablo Funding Group, with over 58 branches and 1200 loan officers.

Leweva was one of the companies top trainers. She was running the companies while Gary was busy marketing them. Gary and Leweva also worked with builders and developers to subdivide land and build million dollar spec homes.

Leweva encouraged Gary to return to real estate to do Flx and Flips but because building companies were in their blood, Leweva motivated Gary to build another company, this time in real estate investing and training, thus REI Fortunes, LLC was born.

Ginger Crystal Faith

Ginger Crystal Faith

Co Founder & PRO (Public Relations Officer)

Ginger began investing in real estate when she was 24. Her first purchase allowed her to set herself up for the next several years of building her own real estate empire. She started flipping homes in 1996, and again, she had tremendous success, which opened the door to offering courses & boot camps in “No Money Down” deals, flips, creative financing, asset protection & many other aspects of real estate. When she moved to California in 2002, she added Mortgage Broker & Real Estate Broker.

Keynote Speakers:

Lori Greymont

Lori Greymont

Lori Greymont, CEO and President of SJREI, the Bay Area’s Leading, nationally recognized real estate investors association.

Lori Greymont is a serial entrepreneur and developer based in the heart of Silicon Valley. 
She has served as the president and CEO of several real estate development and similarly related companies. 

In 2014, she purchased the largest San Francisco Bay Area real estate investment association (SJREI) and was able to double membership in less than 9 months. In addition, she doubled the revenues of this company by implementing programs to create monthly recurring revenue. 

Lori’s real estate experience includes remotely rehabbing and flipping over 1600 sfr’s nationwide to hedge funds from 2011-2014, ground-up development of multifamily communities, zoning changes of infill lots to PUD’s and commercial, syndications and funds.

Lori now turns her vast experience and success to helping others achieve their real estate dreams by launching her educational division called Destiny Builders.  Lori teaches her students three vital components to create wealth: start with a plan, see your future, and create your fortune!

Lori states, “I am a deal architect when most people cannot see how to get it done. My value is not in managing rehabs, but teaching them. My value is inspiring students to negotiate deals people say can’t be done!”


Your VIP Ticket Covers All This

  • One free VIP guest ticket
  • Four thirty-minute group coaching sessions with Gary
  • One 4-hour implementation session with Gary in his home