Joint Venture Partners Program (JVP)

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Joint Venture Program

We welcome joint venture partners who want to be promoted on our website and at our events. To qualify and start the process, complete our on-line application below or if you need more information email us at [email protected].

There is no cost involved, just tell us about your company and business, and what products and services you provide to your clients, along with your retail price list.

Referral Fees & JVP Promo Code

We pay 40% referral fees for anyone you send to our paid webinars and events.

We also provide you with JV Partner links so if any of your referrals purchase any of our courses or educational products at our events or online then we pay you 20% of the purchase price.

This is a lifetime agreement so anytime; anywhere your referral buys any of our products or services you get paid.

To set up and support your JVP account there is a setup & support fee of $125.00 per year

JVP Collaboration Program

Some of our JV Partners want us to promote and sell their events and products and pay us a referral fee. This is our JVP Collaboration Program. This is optional, but we highly recommend it as a source to your product sales. Every “JVP- Collaboration” is different and offers different services or products, therefore referrals fees may be different.

JVP will be allowed to set up booths at our events, and promote their services and products as long as it does not compete with our products and services. JVP partners will be invited to speak and teach at our events when appropriate. For those that join our JVP-Collaboration program we actually provide you marketing collateral materials to promote our services and products to your members and clients at no cost.

Extensive Advertising Benefits

When a JVP is invited to speak at our events we do an extensive market promotion to our members list and social media following which is now 47,000 on Facebook and LinkedIn and 300,000 social reach alone. We do advertise online and in print media as well. This is why the JVP Collaboration is so valuable. Members can order your products online from our website with your link as long as we have a promo code that follows us.

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