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Make Money Now Membership Program

Our membership program gives you exclusive Member’s Only training, discounts, and freebies!  You’ll love all that we offer our members.  First 30 days are free too!

Exclusive Member’s Only Podcasts

Watch the podcasts as our CEO interviews plenty of special guests who have the insight and tips you need for Real Estate Investing.

Get the Insider’s Edge

Special Membership Discounts

Our members enjoy a 15% discount on all our company hosted events, training workshops and courses.

Great savings for you


Want to know how to do something specific to wholesaling, or bird dogging or anything else Real Estate Investing related?  Then you’ll love our webinars because they are all “how-to” all the way!

keeping you in the know

Exclusive Members only Blog Posts

The REI Fortunes Partners are a powerhouse of knowledge and skill.  When they release a blog post to the members, its an exceptionally valuable document that could make you more money.

real world wealth building knowledge

Access to Secure Members Area

This is exclusive, our membership is for those who plan on making it big in real estate and we’re not giving this info to anybody who stops by.  It’s only for you, so we keep this stuff under lock and key.  You’ll have your own link, members area and login and we’ll keep it all secure for you.

membership has its benefits

Free Admittance to Meetup Events

All members who choose to come to our special meet up training events will get in free!  This will save you $30.00 a month with just that one benefit!

Even more free training!

News & Events Notifications

No more missing out on important information, on important speakers and important events that have something to do with you right now. We keep you notified and make sure you’ve got the edge.

Keeping you on top of your game

Free Consultation with the Partner of Your Choice

They’re all experts and they’ve all made millions in real estate.  And they’re all willing to give you their valuable time with a 30 minute consultation.  Jump on that bandwagon.  How to contact them is inside the members area.

strategizing with the top brass

Discounts on Paid Coaching

Once you’re a member you’re going to receive great discounts on any paid coaching that you buy.  One hour is $250.00 and 30 minutes is $125.00.  Non members pay $500.00 and $250 respectively, so again . . .

enjoy as much coaching as you need

What Else Happens When You’re a Member?



As we build membership, more and more of you arrive to our events, calls, webinars and training sessions and the networking grows and grows and grows.

People you are going to start “rubbing elbows” with include wholesalers, flippers,  contractors,  realtors, note experts, top Investors, and of course private money lenders.

We don’t have to spell out what happens when you have people like this is your network of contacts.

More . . .

Hot Deals

You’ll See Them First

Our members have a special page inside the members area where our hottest real estate deals get posted first.  You’ll have a 72-hour jump on our followers and non-members.

Special Member Only Offers

Members will, from time to time, be notified of special offers in our Academy over and above the normal member discounts.


During our development phase you’ll enjoy a free membership.  In approximately 90 days we’ll be done with the development and then the subscriptions will be activated.  (See next section for complete details).


"I came to the United States three years ago with only $50 to my name. After I met Gary online where he mentored me in wholesaling, I now am making $10,000 to $20,000 a month just starting out and I am so excited!"

Oksana Drelinska, Real Estate Wholesaler


Membership Fees

Free Membership for a Limited Time


Please enjoy your membership free for a limited time.  We are busily creating our complete membership program, so you are one of the few lucky ones who gets to join in from the beginning and enjoy each new aspect as we release it.

Once we have completed our development phase, we will begin billing at $19.99 a month.  We will notify you before billing begins.

Once your subscription is activated, you will be automatically billed each month on the date  you joined.

Note: Even though you will be enjoying free membership for a limited time, your card is required at the time of sign up so that we can activated your subscription upon completion of your free period.  You can cancel at any time.