Done-for-You Marketing Package


When you are reaching out for new customers, making an excellent first impression is one of the single most important jobs you have.  That’s why our complete Done-for-You Marketing Package is so critical to your success!  You’ll get website designed just for you and receive a complete package of designed items that all you have to do is take to the printer!

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Everything you need is created, designed & developed for you so you can find deals, close deals and get paid!

  • We help you build your brand & brand identity
  • We build you a marketing website capture page that builds your credibility, has a 24/7 calendar so your prospects can book appoints with you
  • Business cards & stationary to let distressed owners know you’re a solutions provider
  • Your own unique business logo to separate you from your competition
  • Bandit sign designs that make the phones ring
  • Effective flier designs that reflect your solutions
  • Effective business brochure design
  • Responsive door hanger design
  • Responsive postcard design
  • Effective target market messages created
  • Stop Foreclosure Handbook that explains foreclosure options to hand out
  • Stop Foreclosure eBook download for distressed owners to read
  • LEARN….
    How to build a social media profile 
    How to build a buyers list
    How to attract private money lenders
    Hire contractors that make you money
    Build a realtor team that bring you a constant flow of deals!

    Gary runs 2 to 5 projects at a time, learn start to finish how to make money wholesaling and rehabbing on a full time basis.

    Gary sees 4 to 5 deals a day and will teach you how he does it!

*website hosting and support are provided with the website for a separate monthly expense of $19.97, printing is not included.

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