By Gary Massari 

Owners of REI Homes – Signature Properties

The biggest hurdle is where does one find the money? So let’s start with looking at your options by asking a few simple questions…

  1. Do you have a savings account?
  2. Do you have an IRA or 401K accounts?
  3. Do you have equity built up in properties?
  4. Do you have a line of credit?
  5. Do you have home equity line of credit?
  6. Do you have friends who want to invest in real estate?
  7. Do you have insurance policies with cash in value?
  8. Do you need to create extra income?
  9. Do you have non-performing stocks or investments

Once you analyze where the money is coming from to invest it time to put together a plan. Lack of investing often means there is a lack of a plan. So let’s start my deciding how much money you want to invest, and how long do you want it to take.

Here is an example of a real plan we use to help people create wealth and cash flow. We start off by asking them, “How much cash flow do you need to retire comfortably?” Once we determine the answer then we give them a budget form.

We ask them to fill out a budget first so we can see their spending habits and how much they can afford to invest. We have a budget worksheet to help you for free, just click on the link and we will email it to you. We have found most people have no control over their spending habits, in fact they can even tell us how many times they have taken money out of their ATM’s, how much and why? A budget brings money and planning under control. This is the first step to building an investment plan.

The second step is to look at the real estate schedule and use it as a planning tool. How many properties do you need to make your cash flow goal? How much do I need to invest in private money notes and how long to build some investment cash.

We provide these excel worksheets for free, along with our free membership, just click on these images for your personal budget and real estate schedule.

Now that we have the desired cash flow to meet our goals, and a budget to control our spending habits, it is time to invest. There are several ways you can invest in real estate; here are a few of them we recommend to get started.

  1. Invest in Private Money Lending, because it is passive and gives you higher than most market returns.
  2. Invest in single-family properties with positive cash flows, meaning your mortgage, taxes, insurance, maintenance, and vacancies are covered and your desired net cash flow is met. This usually a 1% price to rent ratio or better. This also gives you tax benefits through declaring depreciation and allows through 1031 exchanges to sell and buy other properties with minimum tax consequences.
  3. Invest in multi-family units with positive cash flows. You can increase your cash flows through property renovations, which usually demand higher rents.
  4. Invest in apartment buildings with positive cash flows or implied cash flows meaning they will be positive through renovations.

These are the simplest and easiest ways to get started investing in real estate and we have the resources to help you build a solid real estate investment plan and direct you to right investments. We would love to counsel you personally and help you put together a free real estate investment plan.

Start by clicking our free budget worksheet here and booking a Q&A session with us. We want you to succeed…

Disclaimer, all real estate investing has risk, please consult your professional CPA and Attorney before making any investments. Even though we provide all the legal documents one would need whem investing with us, we still recommend you consult legal advice.

Also, we do not charge for our counseling services, and any recommendations are purely educational and intended to help your personal real estate knowledge and growth.

We provide guidance and help, but do not mentor or coach, this is how we can legally offer free Q&A sessions. We are a legal company and professional organization. Click here for Q&A session.

About Gary Massari & Ginger Crystal Faith

Gary & Ginger are top real estate investors and educators running a very popular real estate investment club called “Make Money Now” where people connect with deals and financing and have a whole lot of fun. What very few people know is Gary and Ginger are both real estate brokers and builders. They own a highly successful multi-million dollar luxury home construction company in San Francisco Bay Area, and work in partnership with other investors for very high returns from their projects. “One of the greatest rewards is being able to invest personally along with our partners to achieve higher than any market returns”, says Ginger! “We belong to several wine clubs in Napa Valley and enjoy outings with our partners, it is so much fun!”

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