Gary shares not only his story, but also the obstacles he faced.

Did we ever dream about becoming millionaire real estate developers building 4 million dollar homes, and making outrageous profits? The answer may surprise you!

Gary shares his story about how it all happened for him after riding the roller coaster of life!  “I think the biggest obstacle holding people back is their own personal thinking,” says Gary.

Gary’s story…

I have always been a driven and hard-working person that gets things done. I was consistent, focused, and had all the right things working for me… so it seems. Then why did I ride this roller coaster to the point of thinking I would never get off it? I read a ton of motivational books, went to hundreds of motivational meetings, and learned so many success principles, I thought at one time I was overwhelmed.

I was great at planning and loved to set goals: some I achieved and others I didn’t.  I even wrote on a stone that someday I would make $2800 a day and looked at it everyday for 10 years.  I filled my library up with books from almost every successful coach and writer — so what was really holding me back?

I never truly saw myself as being successful, and I always thought people were better than me and knew more than me, and that’s why I couldn’t achieve their success. Then I read a book by Brian Tracy, called Focus, and something immediately clicked when he said, “Nobody is better than you, and nobody is smarter than you, there is not one skill you cannot learn.”  I thought to myself: why am I always putting myself down? Why can’t I be better than anyone else? I’m smart, and I have skills, so why not me?  This was my first breakthrough, so now let me share my second breakthrough.

While I was working as an owner and manager of a fairly large mortgage company, the founder came into my office and asked me this crazy question, “Gary,” he said smiling, “what is your dream?”  I was not prepared to answer such a deep question.  My mind drew a blank as I sat there and stared.  Then, out of nowhere, I said, “Glen, I want to retire with a $50,000 a month income.”  To which he said, “Gary, why are you capping yourself? You’re worth $2,000,000 to $3,000,000.”  He was very serious when he said that, and all I can remember is feeling like a thousand pounds of chains fell to the floor. I felt totally liberated, like a new man emerged — I felt free!  I remember driving home later that day looking at a large office building, thinking to myself: I can own that building!  There was absolutely no doubt in my mind — it was empowering. I felt FREE for the first time in my life.  It reminded me of the bible scripture, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

That breakthrough was amazing, I kept thinking, “no one is better than me, and no one is smarter than me” — I can have success!  It was like God opened up the heavens to me and allowed me to see things I had never seen before. Soon, I was invited to meetup groups where I met millionaire real estate investors. They told me about this great real estate training company that helped make it possible to achieve success in real estate investing.  One man I had just met told me he made $4,000,000 in the last year, after only being out of the training company for two years. I wanted to know what he knew; and then I found out that this school cost $50,000!  I didn’t care. I wanted it that bad. I had to fight through my thoughts again, saying to myself, “It takes just as much energy to think big as it does small.” The minute I said that my mind clicked, and the answer came to me.

My $50,000 course allowed me to add 5 members, so I started out with a plan of selling team memberships[1]  at $10,000 and $15,000; a few friends of mine with similar mindsets had the same goals. [2]  For two years, I dug in and went to all of their bootcamps, read all their books, studied all of their online courses, and even attended their coaching sessions. Then, a huge craving in my heart started tugging at me when I heard about other people making an insane amount of money from flipping homes and buying rentals. My first thought was CASH FLOW— start building homes!

My first deal out of school captured me: in 4 months, I had renovated a property from start to finish and made a cool $150,000, which I split with a bad partner — another lesson here… be careful who you saddle up with. I made a ton of mistakes, but I learned, and pretty quickly so I started buying other properties and knew exactly how much it would take to renovate them. The profits kept rolling in and I loved it.

This first sentence is a little confusing. Were you selling memberships or signing up for them?

Here are some lessons I learned that got me off the roller coaster:

Lesson One: Believe in yourself!

Lesson Two: Don’t compare yourself to others: no one is smarter, and no one is better!

Lesson Three: Have a dream and work hard for it!

Lesson Four:  Commit to and fight for what it takes to achieve your dream (two years of school went by fast)

Lesson Five: Your mistakes are building blocks to your success, do not see them as failures!

Lesson Six: When there is no way, your thinking and faith creates a way!

Lesson Seven: Focus: what you think about, you bring about!

Lesson Eight:  Surround yourself with successful people and find out what they did.

Lesson Nine:  Write down your goal (remember the rock I stared at for 10 years)

Lesson Ten:  Find the right business partners who share your dreams and goals.



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