Are you wondering where and how to invest right now after such a crazy year? Believe it or not, now is the best time to invest in real estate. Here’s why. Thanks to low interest rates and high demand, housing purchases are up in almost every state – leading to faster, higher equity growth. Additionally, since demand has skyrocketed, the market is showing especially higher returns for private money investors. This makes private money lending one of the safest and best ways to invest in today’s unpredictable market. 

Private money lending opens the door to safer investment opportunities. They’re secured with real properties and the yields are consistent with 8-15% flat rate of return vs. up-and-down stock portfolios.  Few people realize that these investments can be safer than others right now. You’re entitled to the same protection as a bank with the exact same documentation as the bank, and laws heavily protect lenders, and this means you! Why?  Because you in essence become the bank!  The property is secured even further with a promissory note, deed of trust (security instrument) and loss payee on the property insurance policy. Amazingly, this can all be done in your retirement accounts with minimum tax effects!

 Many of our investors at REI Homes Signature Properties even use their retirement accounts to start growing their wealth. When we complete a renovation, we often have investors that want to reinvest in our next projects. By doing this, their money will continue creating wealth over time, rather than unproductively sitting in an account for years. However, we recommend consulting your legal professionals for additional information on this matter. 

Seems too good to be true? Well, thats not even the best part! Private lending investments require hardly any time from the lender, because your builder/contractor does most of the work. This means you could make a consistent return year after year of 10% to 15% without lifting a finger! In a matter of time, you could reinvest your returns so your working investment compounds itself. Investors doing this typically double their money in 5-10 years, unlike the anxiety-ridden 30 years that most stock and bond investments typically need. 

Who wouldn’t want their wealth to continue growing behind the scenes so they can retire early? It’s like making money while you sleep!  With private money lending, this dream could be a reality. However, there is one caveat – you must find the right team!  Ideally, a team that knows how to buy properties below market, control their budget, and consistently deliver a profitable project. 

If you can find the right team to work with, you will enjoy increased cash flow, equity growth, wealth creation, and a good night’s sleep!  Your partner needs to understand the ins and outs of real estate, find the right properties to renovate, and have great contractors to bring the home to market!  Our incredible team at REI Homes Signature Properties has a proven track record with great opportunities on the West Coast, and we’re always interested in including more private money lenders to our network!

To learn more about private money lending with REI Homes – Signature Properties, please fill out this form. This will help us get a better understanding of your goals and how we can help you. 

Happy investing!

P.S. Gary wrote a book on private money lending, and warns about the pitfalls that could happen – click here to download.

  • Gary Massari, owner of REI Homes – Signature Properties

About the Author: Gary Massari is the founder and CEO of REI Homes – Signature Properties.  REI Homes renovates properties into luxury homes in the San Francisco Bay Area working with private investors. Gary’s renovations yield on the average $150,000 to $400,000 in profits making his investors greater than market rates of returns.  Gary does have a free private money investor learning program. For more information on this training program you can email him at [email protected]